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Pranic Healing is all about healing,but it is also much more.Sure pranic healing teaches you all about the aura or human energy field,about the chakras(energy centers) how they affect our health.We learn how to feel or scan the aura,to
determine which parts or which chakras may be affected.
Knowing all this we can treat the aura and chakras and heal many ailments.We can heal ourselves(self-healing) and we can even heal people who are far away(distant healing).

But pranic healing is so much more than this.Learning about energy and how to feel it,we realise that everything has energy,every person has energy,each place has certain type of energy,our homes,offices,places of worship,even objects have energy.

Once we realize this and learn to change or work with energy,the possibilities are limitless.We Can "heal" the energy of our homes and change the atomosphere or ambience,make it more harmonious and peaceful.

we can heal the energy of an office to aid in greater team work and to make the environment more dynamic.we can heal the energy of a meeting to make it productive.we can heal anything.

Adding this extra dimension to one efforts can bring about dramatic results,at home or at the office.Pranic Healers around the world have started using pranic healing for their businesses,homes,relationship.On projects for studies with fantastic results(Read Testimonials).

Pranic Healing also teaches pranic breathing.Just breathing properly can make all the difference in our lives.A few minutes of pranic breathing everyday can help us in many ways.On the physical level,our aura and chakras are cleansed and energised reducing tiredness and leaving us feeling active.On the emotional and mental level ,it leads to reduced stress , a sense of inner peace and stillness of mind.All this with just a few minutes of proper breathing (try it now).

Pranic Healing includes an advanced and dynamic meditation of TWIN HEARTS FOR PEACE AND ILLUMINATION.This short meditation(20 minutes),when done regularly(3-5 times a week)has even more dramatic effects then pranic breathing.Besides all the benefits stated above,regular meditation leads to rapid spiritual growth ,enhanced connection with our soul (or divine nature)increased intuition and greater healing abilities(more about the meditation).

Practitioners who do the meditation regularly have found profound and far -reaching changes in their lives.They achieve a tremendous sense of inner peace and contentment ,harmony with people around them and their surroundings,greater tolerance and an ability to forgive.This does not mean we stop being effective at work! In fact a person who practises regularly is often much more dynamic and can get much more done than someone who does not meditate.With greater problem - solving abilties and mental focus,enhanced inter personal relationship,he or she is an asset to any organisation.

Pranic Healing also teaches us about the law of karma or as our beloved Master CHO KOK SUI calls it the law of nature.What we sow,we reap.This simple statement can have for reaching consequences.Far from being fatalistic,it gives us control over our future.

All this and more from just a 2 day course on Basic pranic healing !For many of us,pranic healing is more than just
healing is more than just healing it is a way of life.It has empowered us,at the same time given us inner peace and contenment.Try it, donot take our word for it.

Benefits of Pranic Healing in Human Life :


1. Medical Treatment
2. Stress Management
3. Relationship Management
4. Organisation Management
5. Distant Healing for clients abroad
6. Twin Heart Meditation For Personal, Professional life
7. Business Management
8. Career Management
9. Wealth Management
10.Law of Karma
11.Pranic Healing as a career in life

Course Details :

Duration of the course 2 days basics of pranic healing and 3 days Advanced pranic healing ,pshychotheraphy and twin heart meditation.

Basic of Pranic Healing – USD 300$
Advanced Pranic Healing – USD 300$

(Which includes Meditation CD ,Books and international certification from Manila.)


Mrs.Antony Mary incharge of medical records c/o Frontier Life line DR.K.M.CHERIAN 'S HEART FOUNDATION CHENNAI, gave permisssion to give her testimonial.She had chronic sinusities and vocie breaking while singing.she was sneezing 100 times a day early morning, she was also having problem in singing.After taking treatment from MRS.KARPAGAM DURAIPATHY -SENIOR HEALER/INSTRUCTOR AND HOD PRANIC HEALING DEPARTMENT IN CHERIAN HEART FOUNDATION,gave her treatment in pranic healing.Then Mrs Antony Mary started to raise her voice in singing and she stopped sneezing.If interested kindly get back to us.we will get you the books for more testimonials.

To attend Pranic Healing Classes contact :

Contact :M/S K.Kiruba Sundari M.B.A


Grand Master CHOA KOK SUI

Grand Master CHOA KOK SUI
Founder of Pranic Healing